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Visit the phone blog to read transcriptions of reports from the streets.

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Summer (TBD) Southeast USA

Mountain Justice Summer

Cluster participation TBD. See for action info.

October - continuing indefinitely Louisiana

Hurricane Katrina Relief Mobilization

The Cluster is assembling as the "Green Earth Cluster" in Louisiana. Part of the Cluster is helping at the Common Ground Clinic in Algiers and setting up a Recovery Clinic in the 9th District. The rest of the Cluster plans to help the Houma people around Dulac with general clean-up and reconstruction, and perhaps some permaculture-inspired projects.

If you are interested in joining the Cluster in this action, please join the PaganClusterKatrina listserv at If you have questions about the action, send email to katrina at

This mobilization costs over $1,000 per month. Please contribute if you can. Send a check or use PayPal.

Recent actions





June 1-3 Vancouver, B.C.

Global Forest and Paper Summit

While they meet to divide up the last forest, we will converge on the Global Forest and Paper Summit to speak out against the cooperation of industry and government in determining the non-future of our global forests, violating the dignity of earth.

June 12-17 Scotland

Cre8 Summit

A Cre8 Summit will work with local, inner city communities to create a garden and social center in the path of a planned road development. Spiritual healing spaces and celebrations are being planned by a network of Brits involved in earth based spirituality. And, of course, there will be forums, a march expected to be the largest demonstration ever in Scotland, and nonviolent direct action. (Forum Link)

June 18-22 Philadelphia

Biodemocracy 2005

The cluster will lead a Solstice Ritual at 8 am EDT on Tuesday, June 21, and participate in other Reclaim the Commons actions and activities. See for action info. (Forum Link)

July 2-8 Scotland

G8 Protests

The G8 Summit, the meeting of the heads of state of the eight most powerful countries in the world, will take place in Gleneagles, Scotland July 6-8. Major protests are planned, and organizing has been underway in Scotland and Britain for over a year, and much of that work has been quite visionary. Urban convergence centers and a rural encampment will be designed to show a vision of the world we want, and demonstrate balanced, ecofriendly ways to meet human needs. (Forum Link)

September 24 Washington D.C.

Washington DC Mobilization

Please join us in Washington DC, September 24th – 26th, to expose the truth about the G8, the IMF and World Bank, and the War in Iraq. Take each other’s hands in flesh and in spirit. Join with us and with the ancestors to make visible the unjust consequences of globalization, war, and military occupation and their interlocking structures that create an Empire founded on lies and greed. Bring your voice, your presence, your body, and your magic. Spin webs and read the oracles.

November 29 to December 8 Montreal

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 11 and COP/MOP 1)

Join us at COP/MOP - not a poorly-named law enforcement gathering, but the first "Meeting of the Parties" of the Kyoto Protocol - an international treaty on climate change. Brought to birth in 1997, Kyoto is set to take effect in 2008. This conference is the first meeting of the parties involved to make decisions regarding the protocol. Come weave magic with us in the streets of Montreal for this unique opportunity to demonstrate in support of a treaty that has the potential to greatly impact the process of global warming. Come work with us and pour energy into the Cluster's year-long intention to enhance, protect and maintain the life support systems of the planet!

For more information, send email to montreal at

2004 Actions

Republican National Convention, New York City photos




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