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What Is Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing? Does It Work

There’s no disputing that when it comes to cutting-edge aesthetics, the States understand what they’re doing – so when they start something new, the world of beauty gives attention.

One of the most recent Stateside innovations to hit the US business is a game-changing fat reduction treatment called Cryolipolysis, aka. ‘Fat Freezing’. Seems pretty terrifying – but what is it exactly?

Found some strange-looking suction devices on Instagram? Or listened to colleagues and friends telling about the new way of burning fat without going to the gym? It’s time that the story around the treatment ends – so read this article to find out whatever all the fuss is about.

What Is It?

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive fat loss and ‘body contouring’ treatment, which applies a handheld device to freeze fat cells under the skin. The therapy was developed, interestingly, thanks to the science behind frostbite.

Experts recognized that fat cells indeed freeze before the skin does, conducting them to acquire a treatment in which you could carefully freeze, and thus reduce, fat cells, without making any harm to the skin or around the tissue.

How Does It Work?

The pain-free and soothing alternative to lipo, Fat-Freezing technology is used to the chosen part or area of the body to remove the fat cells. It’s especially popular with obstinate areas of fat such as the lower belly, the back, internal thighs and even under the chin (where a diminutive device is used), areas which may gain undesired fat over time and are difficult to move with exercise.

The Fat-Freezing applicator is used to the chosen area (on top of a gel pad to preserve the skin), often using a vacuum to absorb the excess fat into the applicator cup.

As scary as this may seem, at critical it will feel like a mild pinching feeling. The cooling technology is then used, lowering the temperature to -6 degrees and thus forming the fat cells. It is pain-free, so a great reason to switch off for a while – some individuals even nap!

The effects aren’t instant, however. You’ll be able to continue normal activity quickly after the treatment, but it won’t be until some weeks later that you’ll see the difference.

This is because once the cells have been damaged, the body’s lymphatic system naturally disposes of them over time. So be advised: this isn’t a quick fix.

After your first treatment, you’ll be incited to drink lots of water and maintain exercising as usual. Around 6-12 weeks later, the fat cells that were frozen will have been discharged from the body, appearing in a 20% – 40% loss of fat in the chosen part or area.

It must be maintained, however, that you won’t wake up with a different body (as with lipo). While the science does work, it only ensures a moderate difference in appearance – importantly, less growth of the particular area, an enhanced waistline, a more contoured chin.

Where To Get This Treatment?

The Derm Lab offers Fat-Freezing programmes, using 3D Lipo. Located on Lv 1, 394 High Street

Windsor, VIC 3181. Find out more at https://thedermlab.com.au/

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