Weed Expire Or Go Bad

How To Know That Weed Expire Or Go Bad?

A lot of people ask, Does weed expire or go bad for health? Yeah, Absolutely! It is true. Infect when adequately preserved, cannabis has a limited life after that it goes expire. The general study shows that weed maintains stability for up to two years when stored under the proper conditions.

To protect weed for a long time, you should think about the ideal method to preserve weed, and few factors can hurt its freshness.

How Does Weed Go Expire? 4 Factors can cause Weed Expiration

There are rounding up four primary factors that can wipe out Preserved marijuana:

  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Temperature
  • Air


Humidity allows the growth of mold spores which can be harmful while it smoked. This process happens quickly while humidity too high.  Sometimes hight heat can also make air discharge its dampness, which ultimately causes mold growth. Therefore, controlling managing temperature contrasts and controlling humidity are both essential.


Sun UV Rays are the absolute most significant thing that can happen to marijuana prized cannabinoids. You can perceive how sunlight does badly affect a piece of furniture, a vehicle seats or a household item that has been uncovered day in, day out for quite a long time that the same damages cause cannabinoids to oxidize. Fortunately, you can keep weed out from the sunlight by using an opaque container or preserving it in a drawer.


Cannabinoids can be rapidly broken down due to Hot temperatures, that can turn THC into CBN. It is an ideal way, and the bud will be preserved around 20 °C to 30 °C to avoid this issue.

Furthermore, keep in mind that storing weed in too chilly or cold temperature can encourage mold to grow. Too cold temperatures can break off trichomes and can harm the synthetic composition of cannabinoids.


Air is an essential thing for restoring weed, however after it is relieved, an excessive amount of air can be a wrong thing. Oxygen has a propensity for taking electrons from materials, causing disintegration like dry rot or rusting. It also ultimately cause oils dryness that conveys weed’s cannabinoids, this type of effect make its taste harsh and diminishing their potency.

Avoid the Main  Damaging Factors To Keep Weed Fresh:

Here are a few things that help you to know how to store weed to keep it weed fresh:

  • Make Sure weed is completely dried or cured – If weed is still “fresh” or “wet,” then you should hang it topsy turvy for three to four days.
  • After that, use a sealed container to place it and “burp” the compartment by opening the top every two days or which help releases the humid air.
  • Monitor Humidity –The perfect range of moistness or humidity (RH) for restored cannabis is between 59% to 63%. You can keep up this level in the ideal range by using a special humidor-type container.

Use the sealed container to preserved weed–The last thing you need to know air. You can use a jay or other types of weed containers that Keep air sealed in tight to maintain its freshness.

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